Sattu Drink For Summer

Summer is on the head and We are aware that you are in the search of “Sattu Drink For Summer” ?

So we created the detailed below List of 5 Sattu Drink For Summer In this list, we displayed the products according to the ratings and reviews of products you can choose anyone from them according to your ingredients or Multigrain requirement.

Firstly, I will tell you little bit about “Sattu” for those who do not know what “Sattu” is ?

“Sattu” is a very famous traditional, healthy summer drink of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India.

Ingredients:Dry roasted Black Channa Flour,Barley Flour are the main old ingredients are of this drink but now days Sprouted ragi Flour,Multigrain are also used.

In older Indian days it is basically used by farmers in summers before leaving the home for fields because it helps to protect from the heat of summers days.

Because, It is full of nutrition with natural cooling properties,conatined high protein and good for the digestive system, rich in soluble fibre and also popular way to consume as a protein drink nowdays.

Nowadays, some nutrition consultant is recommending sattu to diabetic patients and to those who want to lose weight and detox their body.

Regarding, how to use or serve the drink in the features of product already explained but if you still wanted to know you can read after all products details.

Sattu Drink For Summer List:


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Nutty Yogi Sattu - Indian Protein Mix Pack of 2 , Vegan, Nutritious, High Fibre, Healthy Roasted Black Chickpea Flour Mix.

M.R Healthy Eats Organic Chana Sattu, 500 g Each, Pack of 2 (In Eco-Friendly Steel Container).

Swastik Pure & Tasty Refined Fibrous Sattu 950gms (Pack of 1pc 500g, 1pc 250g, 1pc 200g).

Tathastu Barley Jau Sattu, 500g.

Trio Pack: Multigrain Mix, Sprouted ragi Flour, Chana Sattu in Eco Friendly Tin 400 GMS Each (Pack of 3).

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Method for making Sattu Drink:

Sattu drink is served or make with two types Sweet(Meetha) drink or salted(Namkeen) drink.

  • Take a glass and add two spoon of bought sattu of your choice or powder in glass.
  • If you want to make sweet drink add sugar or add salt for salted drink according to your taste.
  • Add water and stir well with spoon until powder, sugar or salt mix well.
  • Add some ice cubes and two leaves of mint.
  • Your drink is ready to serve and drink.

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