Best Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review In India 2020

Best Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review In India 2020 | Available on

So basically here we will discuss with you the best Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review for the first-time users so they can easily choose the best one.

In India white hairs in young age is a very common problem. In starting we try some desi Nuskhe to get rid of them but after try so many things we take a decision to dye hairs.

Everybody is so busy in daily routines and have not much time to spend on hairs or some have not much money to spend on the costly saloon, for both of them who are looking for the easy and cheap product “Shampoo Based Hair Colour” is the best option for both of them.

In starting kindly check the list created according to the rating of products after that we provided you the customers exacts review after use of the product..

Best Shampoo Based Hair Colour:



Time to apply

Roots Easy Hair Colour Shampoo (5 Travel Sachets -30 ml Each)
Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review
3 to 15 Minutes
Swarzstar Dark Brown Hair Colour Shampoo 125ml (Olive Oil pack of 5 Sachets)
Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review
5 to 10 Minutes Duration 30 Days
VCare Shampoo Hair Color, Black, 180 ml
Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review
5 Minutes
Vip Hair Color Shampoo, 180ml
Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review
15 Minutes

Let’s see how much these products fulfill on their claims by checking some real comments by some users:

Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review

Roots Easy Hair Colour Shampoo:

1.Comments by “SA Kaishap”: He gives the 5 start rating to this products and also written
“The product is excellent and so on. In the end he used words ‘Thanks to amaze’”.
2.Comments by “shamsundar K.”: She said “Awesome! easy and long-lasting and safe. Keeps your hair soft. Here she also warned that wear gloves for applying, because the contents in the pack can be used more than once”.

The overall rating of this product is 3.5 and despite some small problems, this product is good to use.

Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review

Swarzstar Dark Brown Hair Colour Shampoo:

1. Comments by “Sbz”: “She said for those people who have no time to being sit and wait longer after applying hair color, this product works fantastically well. She also said It covers almost every grey hair in just 10 min after applying it even in a shampoo form. It works as magic. It stays longer than any other color. Over all she is happy and recommended to buy it and definitely shop it again”.
2. After reading many comments many users wriiten that “it has a burnt smoky smell which lingers until a few washes of the hairs”.
Overall it is also a good product to use.

Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review

VCare Shampoo Hair Color, Black, 180 ml:

1. Someone commented “Not worth to buy this product. Packets are good. The basic problem is the color comes out more than the white liquid (there are 2 nozzles for different materials), as the white liquid is less, the color won’t last for a week or more…(consistency of the white liquid is thick n color Liquid is thin so color Liquid comes out more).
2. The very good quality product. He is very happy to buy and use this product. He said “I search this product review very negative” and I am very scared to use this product but He decided to experiment himself but he is very satisfied with the result.

So the overall reaction and reviews are mix.

Shampoo Based Hair Colour Review

Vip Hair Color Shampoo, 180ml:

1. Please Guys don’t buy this product because. The totally fake product it’s not worked.
2. So called shampoo doesn’t give any lather. it is equally messy as other hair colors you have to wear gloves and have to wait after application because the color comes on hands while applying on hair and it makes the hair hard enough. Last but not least the colored hair becomes colorless in the very first wash also the color looks very unnatural on hair. so, in the end, it is totally wastage of money and time.
Overall review about this product is so negative so the choice is yours.

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